How to use My Dream Is To Be to help you become famous

Becoming famous is not easy unless you are Justin Bieber but My Dream Is To Be is here to help…..

1. Get your talent spotted

However talented you are you need to get your talent spotted. If you are the next Tate Stevens then create your free profile on My Dream Is To Be and start the road to fame and fortune.

2. No video? No problem!

Uploading a video of your talents is the best way to promote yourself however if you don’t have a video don’t worry as we now offer the facility to add links to your profile page which you can use for SoundCloud, Flickr, Myspace etc.

3. Facebook / Twitter? We have them covered too!

Our site is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can promote your profile to your friends and family and be a judge of other aspiring talents.

4. Get your profile on our Facebook page!

Our Facebook page already has over 1000 likes and we will promote a regular selection of profiles here in addition to all the latest news from the leading TV Talent shows.

So what are you waiting for? Get your profile on our site and promote your talent to the world….

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How to get your talent spotted

How do I get my talent spotted?

Here is our handy reference guide to getting your talent spotted….

1. Have some talent!

Yes, a vital starting point! Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you play football as well as Lionel Messi?


You have a talent. Develop it, get spotted, become famous – simple eh?



2. If you don’t have a talent at least look like you do

Maybe talent isn’t absolutely necessary. Take Kim Kardashian, for example.

She does not really do anything, she rakes in huge cash and appears on the covers of magazines around the planet. Did she have any discernible talent when she was young? Probably not, but it’s a safe bet that people looked at her and said “now there is a girl who’s going places.”



3.  Practice makes perfect

Somewhere, right now, whatever talent you think comes so naturally to you is being practised on a sports pitch or with a hairbrush as a microphone in front of a mirror.

And someday, all of that practice will make them better than you. Unless of course you’re practicing too, in which case all of their efforts will be an exercise in futility as their hopes and dreams are crushed under the weight of your incredible talent.




4. Don’t take no for an answer

You have waited in line all day to audition for X Factor and when the time comes for your audition Simon Cowell says that you have more chance of winning the lottery.

Part of becoming a star and staying that way is auditioning for jobs. A lot of people will tell you they aren’t interested in what you’re bringing to the table. Just get over it and move on to the next potential gig.

5. Make some connections

Meet new people, tell them what you do, wait for their reply. If it doesn’t involve helping you make your dreams come true in some fashion go talk to someone else. You’re here to make it happen. Make what happen? YOU!

6. Expect some criticism

The art of taking criticism is essential for any rising star.  There will always be someone that hates you no matter how talented you are – just ask Rylan!






If you become famous you’ll get even more criticism and people will expect you to not respond to it. Good times!

7. Get noticed

You could think up some kind of wild scheme and use it to get yourself some publicity. However, a much better bet would be to get your profile and videos on My Dream Is To Be and promote your talent to the world.

8. Spend your millions wisely

So, instead of spending your first million on a luxury mansion spend it on an accountant!

Let us know if you have any suggestions to add to the list.

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Meet singer and pianist Jamee Nielsen

In the next of our series of interviews with My Dream Is To Be talent, we talk to singer and pianist Jamee Nielsen about her background, inspirations and hopes for the future.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Jamee Nielsen, I live in St. Paul, Indiana (about an hour south of Indianapolis). I have a mom and dad, Sharon and Kevin Nielsen, and an older brother also named Kevin. I’m also a freshman in high school. My hobbies are horseback riding, basketball, and piano and voice.

How did you get into music?
The first time I remember ever getting into music is when I was young. My dad would always play piano in the evening and one night I sat up on the piano bench, looked at where and how he positioned his fingers on the keys, and I started to mimic what he played. Soon after he had me enrolled in piano lessons. When I broke my arm in 5th grade I couldn’t play for a while, but luckily my piano teacher also taught voice so I started singing and discovered I wasn’t half bad! Now I’m out of the arm cast and I pursue both.

When did you start playing piano? How often do you practice?
I started playing piano when I was in 3rd grade so I was probably about 8 or 9, and I don’t really have a set time for practicing. All I can tell you is that I play piano every day and I can’t tell you how many times it has kept me up half the night. I can tell you though that out of all the times I’ve sat down at the piano, not once did I have to force myself.

Who were your main inspirations, both musically and in your own life?
Well, my main famous inspiration was by far The Beatles. They are the band I was raised on by my dad and I still can’t find any artist that compares! As for my inspiration in my own life, I can’t choose just one. My top three are my piano and voice teacher Kim Wallace because she has been with me so long she’s like a second mother and I wouldn’t know anything without her! My second is my deceased Grandpa Roland Nielsen. He died when I was very young but I’ve heard stories about his natural music ability and how he could play any instrument just by picking it up. I know that if I’m talented, then I must’ve gotten it from him! And last, of course, is my dad. Because of his music experience, he always gives me tips (even when I don’t want them!)

What is your proudest moment?
My proudest moment had to be when I scored my first basket for my basketball team, it just happened this year! I’ll admit, I’m no Michael Jordan, but I was wide open for a shot and the point guard passed it to me and I shot and it went in! Of course it didn’t hurt that it was a three pointer!

Have you ever performed live, what was it like?
Yes, many times. My first time was at a little piano recital when I was 9. My biggest crowd was at a Yuletide dinner in front of 600+ people. It was exhilarating! I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous, but it’s just the greatest feeling to see the audience light up when you impress them! It was the first time I really considered music as a career.

Check out Jamee peforming ‘Price Tag‘ by Jessie J

Where would you like to be in five years time?

In 5 years, I want to be on Jay Leno, Ellen, or Regis and Kelly (minus Regis), but I’d just be happy if people recognized my name!

What do you think of reality TV shows, would you ever take part in one?
My point on view on TV shows is that if someone wanted to offer me the opportunity to make people happy, have fun, be famous, and get paid in the process. then i’m game!

How can people get in contact with you and find out more?
You can contact me through my Facebook page and also check out my videos on my My Dream Is To Be profile page.

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Interview with Donna Africa

Donna Africa is ‘The Queen of Dreams’ so it is no surprise that she is using My Dream Is To Be to promote her talent to the world. We caught up with Donna recently to find out more about her.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?
My greatest inspiration would have to be “The Glamour Golden Age” of the Hollywood Goddesses/ Actresses/ Legends, such as Marilyn Munroe, Joan Collins, Sophia Loren & Elizabeth Taylor. After watching their films as a young 10 year old girl, at the top of the stairs, unknowingly by my parents. I feel in love with these Super Stars because of their glamour, beauty, style and sophistication and how they shone and sparkled. I wanted to be Star just like them and shine brightly! I have tried to emulate and capture this type of Hollywood sparkle in my work in both acting and modelling.


What is your greatest achievement?
Leaving my homelands Zimbabwe and South Africa in 2004 to relocate to the UK as a single Mum, to look after my late Mum and to finally realise my pent-up and frustrated dreams of yesteryear, that had been put on hold whilst raising my son, Chris in Africa. Thanks to all the creative & talented Artists that have helped and aided in making my dreams become a reality here in the UK! Secondly, to be given the opportunity to be a selected performer in The London 2012 Olympic Games in their Opening Ceremonies highlighting the creativity and talent on the United Kingdom, I feel honoured and priviledged!

What advice would you give to others?
My advice would be to believe in yourself and your talent and to NEVER give up on your dreams! Also to the youth I would like to say please go to drama school and get the credentials, work experience needed to fulfil your dreams.

Where would you like to be in five years time?
Hopefully promoting, teaching and inspiring the youth to follow their talent through my experience.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently?
Yes I wished I had come to the UK earlier and started my dreams in my youth but that was not meant to be, as I had to go on this journey to realise the truth and to work hard in my craft to achieve my dreams!

What are your unfulfilled ambitions?
I think I have fulfilled most of my ambitions besides trying to make it in the American Market!

Where is your favourite place?
Cape Town, South Africa for it natural beauty, beaches and regal Table Mountain.

What makes you happy/angry?
I am at my happiest sharing & laughing with my good friends and family. I am angered by injustices against human rights, animal cruelty, bigots, jealousy, war, racism and all hate groups!

What do you think of reality TV shows? Would you ever take part in one?
I have been on quite a few TV shows, Britain’s Got Talent 2011 & 2012, The Sporah Show, The Weakest Link,  The One Show, Richard & Judy and The Graham Norton Show.  I love the experience and interacting with an audience and always make the most of it as this is like a dream come true as I could never have imagined being on these shows whilst living in Africa! I feel honoured!

How would you sum yourself up in five words?     
Fun, Friendly, Flirty, Fiery and Feisty!

How can people get in touch with you?

You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter. You can also see my videos on My Dream Is To Be profile page.



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The Talent Show Story – Review of Episode 2

The second episode of the Talent Show Story proved to be more entertaining than the first with a good mix of humour and history to entertain most viewers.  Where else would you get to find out the link between Simon Cowell and Zig and Zag, dogs attempting to play the guitar, and a chicken factory worker nailing both the Bee Gees and Aqua in the same show?

The birth of the talent show judges

As someone who grew up in the 80s and 90s, I was amazed to find out how many of the famous faces and entertainers from that era got their break on New Faces in the 1970s.  Winners of the show included Roy Walker (it’s good but it’s not quite right), Les Dennis (now doing odd jobs with Barry from Eastenders for Ricky Gervais), whilst plenty of others including Lenny Henry, Victoria Wood went on to bigger and better things.  Jim Davidson was on it too (the racist homophobic guy who did the Big Break).  The focus was not so much on the contestants though, but on the judges and in particular Mickie Mosh and Tony ‘the hatchett’ Hatch.  As well as being the first pair to be brutally honest with contestants, they also generated massive interest from the tabloids.  As they say, any publicity is good publicity and it was revealed that ITV bosses encouraged Mosh and Hatch to be forthright in their views to keep the tabloids entertained.

Britain’s Got Talent … or has it?

Britain’s Got Talent almost never made it to the air in the UK and ironically it was NBC who picked the show up first.  It only then came back to the UK following the huge success it had on the other side of the Atlantic.  Simon Cowell revealed that he was getting bored with singers and wanted a bit more variety and to bring back the spirit of Opportunity Knocks.  Perhaps more telling was when he said that “I live to find a dog that can play instruments”.  Well for those of you in the same boat as Simon you need look no further.  My Dream Is To Be has a whole section on famous pets.  Check out Whizzer the dog singing Bohemian Rhapsody, and Carrie the labrador dancing the meringue for starters.  Much of the entertainment unfortunately comes from the cringe-worthiness of the performances.  As Piers Morgan said, “everyone in Britain thinks they have a secret talent and almost all are wrong”.

Simon Cowell – from Sale of the Century to becoming a mega rich international celebrity who we hate but are all secretly jealous of…

We have the magical clip of Simon Cowell on Sale of Century.  At some point after this decided to move on from the afternoon game-show circuit and get into the music business.  Not only did he have huge success with Robson and Jerome (from Soldier, Soldier) and the dodgy boy band Five, he also propelled Big Breakfast icons Zig and Zag to the top of the charts with their hit song ‘Them Girls’.

Rather than simply retiring at the top, Simon Cowell joined up with Simon Fuller, the man behind the Spice Girls, to create Pop Idol.  His cutting lines, including, “Without being unkind, you will never in a billion years be a pop star”, and “That was the equivalent of musical food poisoning”, turned him into a national celebrity overnight.  He was then perusaded to appear on American Idol where his honesty ignited a wave of publicity which ultimately propelled both the show and him to the top of the entertainment world.

Worst Auditions on Talent Shows

What makes the modern era of talent shows different from the past is the filming of the auditions, the best and worst of which are broadcast for our viewing pleasure.  This process that has given us some of the most entertaining and memorable moments on TV talent shows.  87 year old Edna Moore from the bizarre duo Spirit and Destiny was one of the few people to successfully put Simon Cowell in his place following a typical cutting remark.  We fear though that despite being told he “was an ignorant person” who best “alter your ways”, Simon has not taken heed of the advice.

Our favourite ‘worst audition’ though is Robert Unwin from the chicken factory.  His Bee Gees rendition is pretty painful, but he really captures the spirit of Aqua with his version of ‘Barbie Girl’ where he takes the role of both the woman with squeaky voice and the bald guy playing Ken to great effect.  Click here to view Robert Unwin’s X Factor performance.  Yes he is not Elvis Presley, but I hope you agree there is unfulfilled potential under there bursting to get out…

If you like watching some of the best and worst of talent show auditions, check out the TV Talent section of the site where we have videos from all the main talent shows for your perusal and entertainment.  Until next time:

– Oh, I’m Having So Much Fun!
– Well, Barbie, We’re Just Getting Started!
– Oh, I Love You Ken!

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