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Entertaining videos involving animals

Some of the most entertaining videos you can find on the web involve animals… maybe it would be better to say ‘amusing’ videos.  At My Dream Is To Be we have decided to help you find these videos and allow pet owners to showcase the talent of their domestic beasts.

A cat with acting skills....

One of our favourite videos is of Carrie the Dog doing the Meringue.  Not only is this cute labrador able to pull off some pretty amazing moves on its hind legs, she does it whilst wearing a dress.

There are various varieties of singing dog that are out there for all to enjoy.  Personally I would describe them as whining dogs, but they have seem to have a large niche of hardcore fans.  One very special dog called Crystal has the unique ability of being able to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.  Take a look and see what you make of it!

Nora the Cat takes things a bit further with a masterclass on how to play the piano.  To say she can play the blues might be an exaggeration, but she certainly knows how to press the keys in a unnervingly rhythmic way.  My theory is that there is some Sheeba stuck under the keys and Nora is desperately trying to get a quick snack.

The biggest question this all raises is how on earth these animal learn these human skills?  It must take a significant amount of training on behalf of the owner and makes me wonder what else is dropped in the training regime to make space?  They might be able to sing ‘God Save The Queen’ whilst doing the rumba, but do they know how to respond to whistle or do their bowel movements outside (or in a litter-box)?

A workaholic rabbit

If you have videos which have caught animals doing amazing things send them in to My Dream Is To Be.  The focus is on talented pets, but we are happy to receive videos of all animals including zebras, pandas and monkeys (think Monkey News a la Karl Pilkington). We are waiting to be amused…

PS:  For those of you looking for it, here is the amazing video of Fenton the Dog in Richmond Park and his poor owner.

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