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How to get your talent spotted

How do I get my talent spotted?

Here is our handy reference guide to getting your talent spotted….

1. Have some talent!

Yes, a vital starting point! Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you play football as well as Lionel Messi?


You have a talent. Develop it, get spotted, become famous – simple eh?



2. If you don’t have a talent at least look like you do

Maybe talent isn’t absolutely necessary. Take Kim Kardashian, for example.

She does not really do anything, she rakes in huge cash and appears on the covers of magazines around the planet. Did she have any discernible talent when she was young? Probably not, but it’s a safe bet that people looked at her and said “now there is a girl who’s going places.”



3.  Practice makes perfect

Somewhere, right now, whatever talent you think comes so naturally to you is being practised on a sports pitch or with a hairbrush as a microphone in front of a mirror.

And someday, all of that practice will make them better than you. Unless of course you’re practicing too, in which case all of their efforts will be an exercise in futility as their hopes and dreams are crushed under the weight of your incredible talent.




4. Don’t take no for an answer

You have waited in line all day to audition for X Factor and when the time comes for your audition Simon Cowell says that you have more chance of winning the lottery.

Part of becoming a star and staying that way is auditioning for jobs. A lot of people will tell you they aren’t interested in what you’re bringing to the table. Just get over it and move on to the next potential gig.

5. Make some connections

Meet new people, tell them what you do, wait for their reply. If it doesn’t involve helping you make your dreams come true in some fashion go talk to someone else. You’re here to make it happen. Make what happen? YOU!

6. Expect some criticism

The art of taking criticism is essential for any rising star.  There will always be someone that hates you no matter how talented you are – just ask Rylan!






If you become famous you’ll get even more criticism and people will expect you to not respond to it. Good times!

7. Get noticed

You could think up some kind of wild scheme and use it to get yourself some publicity. However, a much better bet would be to get your profile and videos on My Dream Is To Be and promote your talent to the world.

8. Spend your millions wisely

So, instead of spending your first million on a luxury mansion spend it on an accountant!

Let us know if you have any suggestions to add to the list.

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