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How to use My Dream Is To Be to help you become famous

Becoming famous is not easy unless you are Justin Bieber but My Dream Is To Be is here to help…..

1. Get your talent spotted

However talented you are you need to get your talent spotted. If you are the next Tate Stevens then create your free profile on My Dream Is To Be and start the road to fame and fortune.

2. No video? No problem!

Uploading a video of your talents is the best way to promote yourself however if you don’t have a video don’t worry as we now offer the facility to add links to your profile page which you can use for SoundCloud, Flickr, Myspace etc.

3. Facebook / Twitter? We have them covered too!

Our site is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can promote your profile to your friends and family and be a judge of other aspiring talents.

4. Get your profile on our Facebook page!

Our Facebook page already has over 1000 likes and we will promote a regular selection of profiles here in addition to all the latest news from the leading TV Talent shows.

So what are you waiting for? Get your profile on our site and promote your talent to the world….

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