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Inspired by Strictly Come Dancing 2011?

This year saw Strictly Come Dancing (known as Dancing With The Stars in the US) win the ratings war for the first time against the X Factor. Notwithstanding the impact of the loss of Simon Cowell on the ITV singing talent show, this year’s Strictly was hailed as having the strongest line-up to date.

The D list celebrities taking part struck a perfect balance between those with genuine talent, and those who would struggle to impress at a pensioners disco. There were many highlights that people will remember when the show resurfaces next autumn: Russell Grant being fired from a cannon; Russell Grant riding a mechanical bull; Russell Grant wearing lipstick.

There were also some genuinely stunning dance performances including Holly and Artem’s take on the Black Swan, Chelsee and Pasha’s rumba and Harry and Aliona’s Argentine tango. I have often sat on the sofa and though that with a bit of training by one of the scantily clad professional dancers that I could reach that standard. However, as my darling wife reminds me, for every Harry Judd, there is a Dan Lobb. But then again, Dan Lobb got to dance with Katya Virshilas so every cloud has a silver lining.

t is also worth mentioning the supporting cast. Bruce Forsyth, now celebrating his 113th year in Saturday night TV, still manages to compare well. We have the set of cartoon character judges: Len is the old east end cockney grand-dad; Bruno is an over the top flamboyantly camp Italian; Alesha is like the (attractive) aunty who always says nice things (and the gives 10 to everyone) and Craig Revel-Horwood is the camp comedy pantomime villain we love to hate.

One of the positives of the show is that it will no doubt result in dance schools up and down the country seeing an influx of enthusiastic women and their reluctant partners enrolling on courses in the new year. It may only last a few lessons for the majority of people, whereas others may unlock a hidden talent they never knew they had a la Chelsee Healey. For others, and with Christmas only a week away, practising in front of the TV with latest Dance Revolution for Xbox360 or Just Dance for the Wii may be casual alternative.

Dancing does of course taking years of practice to become proficient in, and can be both frustrating and rewarding in equal measure. At My Dream Is To Be, we are providing a place for you to share your dancing videos whether you are a novice looking for advice, or an expert looking for your big break. All you need to do is create an account, upload your videos and share via Facebook and Twitter to get feedback from fellow dancers (Kinect video uploads are accepted!)

In the meantime, take a look at our Dancer category to see some of the weird and wonderful videos we have found on YouTube.

Until next time, keep dancing…

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